These upgraded P-320 fire control unit parts have slick coatings for optimum lubricity. This provides a smooth trigger pull and proper function of all the safety features. Precision manufacture provides perfect fitment and great performance. All MIM parts in this kit are NP3 coated for self lubrication and corrosion/wear resistance. All pins are hardened and coated with Black Oxide for the best corrosion and wear resistance without changing any dimensional tolerances.

The upgraded Flat Trigger provides improved geometry for reduced trigger travel and increases leverage on the trigger for a smoother, more consistent trigger pull. This kit is compatible with any upgraded Sig P320 slide in 9mm, .40S&W, and .357 SIG. Sig P320 FCU Parts Upgrade Kit includes:Upgraded Flat TriggerSear HousingSearSafety LeverUpgraded Trigger BarTakedown Safety LeverTakedown Lever with O-RingMechanical DisconnectorTrigger Bar SpringSear Spring (two)Takedown Safety Lever SpringSear Housing PinTrigger Bar Stop PinSear PinSlide Catch Lever PinSafety Lever Pivot PinSlide Catch Lever Kit

Sig P320 FCU Parts Upgrade Kit includes:

  • Upgraded Flat Trigger
  • Sear Housing
  • Sear
  • Safety Lever
  • Upgraded Trigger Bar
  • Takedown Safety Lever
  • Takedown Lever with O-Ring
  • Mechanical Disconnector
  • Trigger Bar Spring
  • Sear Spring (two)
  • Takedown Safety Lever Spring
  • Sear Housing Pin
  • Trigger Bar Stop Pin
  • Sear Pin
  • Slide Catch Lever Pin
  • Safety Lever Pivot Pin
  • Slide Catch Lever Kit

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