Our Story


About us 

FBMG has always believed that the right to own firearms is a basic human right, but the lifestyle should also be fun! Our mission is to supply law abiding
American’s the tools to protect their families and rights. The market has changed in many ways, and the traditional demograph has expanded across
every spectrum of the population. There are more shooters than ever before and we want to help people have fun with the industry and no longer
feel like they need to be closet gun owners. Your religion, politics, lifestyle doesn’t matter, you are an American and a gun owner, and we support YOU.

How the Bunny Guys began

People always ask, How did you come up with this name? The story of FBMG goes back to Afghanistan in 2003. Two friends that were both in the gun industry and deployed together were discussing opening a company together. Both had an extreme interest in NFA toys, and Afghanistan only served to feed that appetite. One was already licensed as an 02/07 manufacturer, the other was an avid consumer. During the discussion, the topic of the name of the company was front and center. Handgun Control Inc, the Brady Bunch (of nitwits) and other groups were actively targeting firearms retailers and manufacturers with frivolous lawsuits and bad press. By all recollections, the conversation went something like this:

M: So the company has to have a friendly name. Something that is outside of the normal “elite, tactical,
cool guys” naming convention that is so popular. Most of those guys have never been anywhere or done
anything cool like we do here in Afghanistan with the Special Forces, let alone have the training skills
that I would trust for anyone to take a class from. But they dominate the space and we need to be different.
J: Ok, I see that. Do you have any ideas?
M: I don’t know yet, maybe something with fuzzy bunnies.
J: Fuzzy Bunnies?
M: Yeah, Fuzzy Bunnies. Who doesn’t love Fuzzy Bunnies? Then when HCI sues us it will be Fuzzy Bunny something something vs. Handgun Control Inc.
J: (shrugs shoulders and grins) Yeah, ok. Fast forward a few days and M pokes his head back in the arms room door and says,
M: And we need to be in the movie business.
J: What the hell do either of us know about the movie business?
M: Nothing yet. But my DHS Tactical Team does training at a movie set in San Diego. They have a parking lot full of cop cars, tanks, and a Huey gunship from the Vietnam era and not a cop or Viet Cong in sight. Now if you want a tank, you aren’t that crazy guy down the street with a tank, you are in the movie business. And the movie business is cool and something everyone can relate to.
J: Oh yeah, I see that. And they pay really well if we can crack that nut!
M reached up and touched his nose, his way of saying “you hit it right on the nose” and walked out.

The rest of the deployment they referred to the company as FBMG or Fuzzy Bunny Movie Guns. When they got home, they went to the SHOT Show and were at an industry party in the lobby discussing the final details of the partnership.
M: So what are we going to call this thing?
J: Ummm, we have a name! FBMG!
M: Ok, that works for me.
J: Cool.

Tragedy hits the Bunny Guys

Things went well until in June of 2009 a microburst tore 2,000 square feet off the roof from the showroom and shop. This caused the showroom and shop to flood, destroying much
of their displays, inventory, and assets. Unfortunately their insurance wrote this up as an “act of God” and didn’t cover the damages, bankrupting the company and managing partner, J.

Following this event, M went on to retire from federal and DOD service. He now is the owner and Editor of two online blogs and
his team of authors get more than 20 million individual hits per month on their sites and the others they write for.

The third partner and Combat Accountant (whom they stole from the Harmon Group) left the company
to become an NYT, Amazon, International and who knows what else, bestselling author.

J finally got a handle on the PTSD issues that so many Veterans have, that can destroy
their families and lives, and earned a double bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies and
Criminal Justice in 44 months. He and his new wife are the controlling partners for the oldest Angel Investment Network in the United States which helps
entrepreneurs build their businesses on a solid foundation and then matches those companies with the right investors. They also started a registered 501(c)3 that
focuses on helping Veteran entrepreneurs transition from military life to being business owners, and avoid the mistakes that J & M made along the way.

Return of the Bunny

But now the legacy has returned! Well, it never really went away,
they just burrowed in for a long winter. Under new owners and
management, FBMG has returned to the market in a greater capacity than ever before!
Having been rebuilt on the systems that the old owners built and matched with the right investors and overseas
opportunities, FBMG now specializes in the import and manufacture of hard to find ammunition
and equipment from around the world. Ammunition, parts kits, Post 86 Dealers samples
and systems for R&D, even tanks and aircraft! You buy, we fly (or boat as the case may be).

The logo has been updated from the classic Bunny theme but in every
character and image the original logo lives on in homage to the original.
The attitude is the same, but the bar has been raised to a whole
new level with our products and services. Ultimately, the Bunny is Back!