FBMG’s New G43 Upgraded Frame Parts Kits: Performance Perfection

The popularity of the G43 and G43X have made parts very hard to come by. Factory (OEM)  parts don’t provide the performance that modern gun owners expect. Custom guns like the SS80 let shooters get the exact parts they want the way they want them.

FBMG upgraded G43 and G43X parts have slick high-tech coatings for optimum lubricity. This provides a smooth trigger pull and proper function of all the safety features. Precision manufacture provides perfect fitment and great performance.

You can polish OEM parts or up-grade one piece at a time, but FBMG has the whole deal. Each part is coated and polished to a super smooth finish that slides while keeping all those safety features working.

Each G43 Frame Completion Kit includes the following upgraded G-43 Parts:

Trigger attached to Trigger Bar

Trigger Housing

Trigger Spring

Trigger Connector

Trigger Pin

Trigger Housing Pin

Slide Lock and Spring

Magazine Catch and Spring

Slide Stop Lever

This parts kit is made for the G43 and G43X will also work with the SS80. The locking block is not included. SS80 frame kits ship with their own locking block.

With FBMG’s Frame Completion Kit, you can have all the performance you want with all the safety features you need. Why wait? Get the gun you deserve.

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