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Bunny Bucks

At FBMG protecting your friends and family comes with great rewards. With the Bunny Bucks Program, you’ll get points on everything you and your friends and family purchase from the FBMG gang!

The more you buy and share with your friends and family the more you earn! Your goal is to create the largest warren in the community. By doing this you, your friends, and family will always have ammo, the best guns, events to network at, and the coolest ever swag to be dressed in!

A huge bonus to the Bunny Bucks rewards program is the ability to sign up for our Friends & Family program where you will be able to earn reward points on their purchases. Your friends and family receive an instant 5% discount and the ability to place pre-orders on hard to find items that are in transit to us! Yes, you heard right! You and the people you want to give this benefit to can be the coolest bunnies on the block by having the first opportunity to gobble up these items before they even hit the dock!

You and they will be notified and have hidden categories and items that the general public does not see. To learn more about our programs read the Q&A below.

Spending Bunny Bucks Questions & Answers

Q: What are Bunny Bucks?

A: Bunny Bucks are points earned when you purchase items from our website www.fbmgusa.com

Q: How are they rewarded?

A: You earn one Bunny Buck for every dollar spent. Example $20.00 purchase awards you 20 Bunny Bucks!

Q: Can I earn Bunny Bucks on other people’s purchases?

A: Yes, we have a referral program where you can share your link which gives them a special discount code in an invitation email inviting them to the friends and family program where they will get an instant 5% discount on their first purchase! You will also earn Bunny Bucks 1 for 1 on their purchases! Share the love, help grow your warren and qualify for special contests and promotions in addition to earning 1 Bunny Buck per dollar they spend.

Q: As an FBMG dealer will I be able to earn Bunny Bucks?

A: No, out of the margin between our cost and the selling price to retail we took the bunny buck cost from our profits, since we do not have that margin when selling to you, our valued dealers, we cannot offer you, Bunny Bucks.

Q: Do I have to be part of the friends and family program to earn bunny bucks on my purchases?

A: No, you only have to be a member of the friends & family program if you want to earn Bunny Bucks on your friends’ purchases, and have access to pre-ordering hard-to-find items.

Q: How can I spend my Bunny Bucks?

A: You log in to your account and you will see the Bunny Bucks available to apply to your order. Your Bunny Bucks become available when you reach 100 points.

Q: Do my Bunny Bucks expire?

A: No, they do not expire.

Q: Can I apply my Bunny Bucks to purchase as partial payment?

A: Yes. The example purchase amount is $100.00/ Bunny Bucks are 100 apply and receive $10.00 reduction for a new price of $90.00!

Q: Can I give my Bunny Bucks to someone?

A: Yes, you can transfer or gift your Bunny Bucks to a friend or family member.

We are excited to welcome you into the FBMG warren! We are here to equip you so that you may protect your families and community!

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