Fuzzy Bunny Movie Guns

Building a family of people with the ability to defend basic human rights and sustaining life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

At Fuzzy Bunny Movie Guns we believe in giving people the ability to defend and protect their families and their basic human rights.  In this pursuit, we are building a team of like-minded people to provide people the tools necessary to sustain life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  


Fuzzy Bunny Movie Guns is an equal opportunity employer and a veteran-owned company.   We support our brothers and sisters who wore the uniform, and are looking for anyone who aligns with our values of freedom, family, integrity, transparency, and fun.  If you are looking to work in a mission driven organization that values hard work, while also enjoying what you do and who you work with, please click below. 


If you’d like to get to know our company and our team better, please come see us at our next show.  We are always looking for great logistics, legal, customer service, and armorer/gunsmith people to join us.