FBMG, just like the rest of the country, is tired of not having any ammo available at reasonable rates in order to train with! The shortage shows no real signs of easing across the board anytime soon either. Stock is rolling in as manufacturers and supilers are finally starting to fill orders placed months ago, but the newer orders with them are continuing to increase in size. Combine this with the traditional supply vs. demand pricing increases and increases in the cost of raw materials, top it off with greed from many retailers (and frankly suppliers) and you see what happens with the prices.

Well, we decided to do something about it. We decided to utilized or network of resources from our parent company, a licensed Destructive Device Importer, and other contacts from our business careers and begging importing ourselves. Our first shipment is scheduled (based on historical timelines for approval from the governments in the US and country of origin, hopefully shipping stays consistent) should arrive at the end of June. Once we know it is on the boat, we will open up the store and you may begin placing pre-orders.

From there, the plan is to add a new caliber to the existing ongoing orders, each month, until we have all the NATO, Warsaw Pact, and civilian flavors in stock.

But we are taking this one step further. We are in the process of building our own ammunition manufacturing facility in Europe. Our first batch of 9mm NATO Spec ball should be rolling out of the loaders in September. 9mm of course is the most in demand, so that is what we went with first. Once we increase the production from the starting 1.2 million rounds a month to 2.5, we will begging expanding to other calibers. First will be 5.56, them 7.62X51, and then we are considering .22 or .45. We will also be adding additional rounds such as subsonic and self defense ammo to each caliber lineup. All ammo will be manufactured to industry standards, reloadable, and as abslutely affordable as we can possibly make it.

Get ready folks, the Rabbit Hole is going to take you to amazing places!