Ammo Shortage

The great 2020  ammo shortage is likely to stretch into 2022. That doesn’t mean you have to suffer pew lessness, but it does advantage the smart consumer.

Long-time gun owners have seen this before. Any time there is uncertainty about the future people buy more ammunition than usual. Combine a media-driven pandemic scare,  rising crime rates, civil unrest, propaganda saying that people who think differently than you are going to kill your family, and President Biden and other prominent politicians calling for gun control and you have a perfect storm.

People started to stock up before the election, six million new gun owners showed up and wanted ammunition for their new guns. Supply chain issues slowed production and distribution.

Manufacturers and importers are working overtime and paying higher prices for rush orders. Until supply catches up with unprecedented demand, gun owners can expect to pay more for ammunition.

Here are some simple steps to make the best of these interesting times:

Look online, there is a lot of ammo out there but it doesn’t last long.

Buy what you need to protect your family or make this year’s hunt. Be ready for the next one. Presidential election years are always special. Set a reasonable price that you would be comfortable paying and wait for it. If you are frugal, it may be a long time coming.

Consider dryfire systems like and Mantis X.

Ammo is out there. There is more each day. Companies like FBMG USA are scouring the planet looking for ammunition, buying it straight out of foreign factories and warehouses. FBMG is actually working with multiple factories from numerous countries to secure as much as 250 million rounds over the next two years! This sometimes costs more than it did last year (supply and demand and a global increase in raw materials costs) but ammo is flowing. FBMG USA currently has import approvals for 50 million rounds of ammo with more deals in the pipeline and Form 6’s submitted, and we are working on the construction of our own NATO spec ammo manufacturing facility in Europe to produce our own ammo supply for us.

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